There has been a lot of news about Twitch’s recent decision to prohibit the streaming of gambling sites starting from October 18th. However, most people are unaware of the specific details.

The globally recognized streaming platform, which has had a significant impact on both gamers and pornstars, recently revealed its intentions to reduce the unauthorized promotion of unregulated gambling websites. As part of this initiative, the platform will prohibit all casinos that lack a valid US license or registration, thereby ensuring the strict enforcement of consumer protection measures.

Twitch made an announcement on Twitter on September 21st, revealing all the specific information…

So, what changes? Hardly anything.

The online casino market in the United States is growing rapidly, led by well-established brands from the highly regulated European market. Despite the impact of COVID regulations, there has been a remarkable rebound in New Jersey, where the nine casinos generated a total revenue of $470.6 million in August, representing a 10.1% increase compared to the previous year.

Despite the increasing controversy surrounding the industry, its expansion remains unabated, with new markets emerging in various regions of the United States, South America, and Africa.

Although Twitch has yet to face any significant consequences, there remain unresolved transparency concerns that need to be addressed.

xQc doesn’t gamble with his money

Consider the case of xQc, their renowned superstar. Frequently, he engages in live slot streams, daringly placing bets as colossal as $100,000 per spin. However, unbeknownst to his audience, the casino operator facilitating his gameplay is the one funding his extravagant wagers.

Casino operators often utilize popular streamers to promote their sites, but a concern arises when viewers imitate the risky behavior they witness without realizing that there is no actual risk involved.

The rise of social media has given rise to a phenomenon called “clout chasing,” where individuals prioritize gaining popularity over moral values and common sense. Twitch reports that the majority of their viewers are 21 years old, but approximately 20% of their global users fall into the age range of 13 to 17. This suggests that there are likely young and impressionable children watching content like xQc spending $100,000 on a single spin, despite being too young to engage in gambling activities.

There are streamers who have a more unfortunate tale to share…

According to reports, content creator ItsSliker, who is based in Manchester, allegedly borrowed money from well-known Twitch streamers to support his gambling addiction. Similar to others, he would deceive them by requesting funds for different reasons, but ultimately squandered it by engaging in online casino games.

After the news spread, a group of Twitch’s prominent influencers consisting of Pokimane, Mizkif, and Devin Nas decided to take action. They organized a strike, vowing to halt the uploading of their content until all types of gambling sponsorships were prohibited on the platform.

Twitch has taken action by banning several platforms, including, Roobet, and Duelbits.

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