The Miccosukee Casino & Resort, located on the Eastern side of Florida, played a crucial part in facilitating the evacuation of Gulf Coast residents during Hurricane Ian.

The Miccosukee Casino, situated in West Miami within Miami-Dade County, is under the management of the Miccosukee Tribe. This tribe is one of the six tribes in Florida that hold federal recognition.

Florida experienced one of the most severe weather phenomena, Hurricane Ian. On September 28, this destructive force struck as a category 4 hurricane near Fort Myers Beach. Ranked as the fifth most powerful hurricane ever recorded, it unleashed devastating consequences across the Southwest region, wreaking havoc from Naples to Fort Myers and along the entirety of the Gulf Coast.

With over 2,000 slot machines and electronic table games, the Miccosukee Casino & Resort is not typically frequented by families. However, this establishment boasts more than 250 guestrooms and a spacious parking lot, catering to evacuees who choose to bring their RVs or stay overnight in campers.

However, in order to maximize space availability, the casino decided to remove its age restriction on the premises.

The Miccosukee Casino & Resort is inviting guests of all ages to our resort and facility until further notice, in response to the devastating effects of Hurricane Ian on Florida and its surrounding counties, as stated by the tribal representatives.

There is an abundance of parking available at the resort, as there are 17 acres of paved lots that provide ample space.

Ping Hu and her two children, aged 4 and 7, were among the evacuees who sought refuge at the tribal casino.

Ping Hu and her two children

“When talking to USA Today, Hu emphasized that our safety is the utmost priority.”

According to her, all three of them have received excellent care, with her two daughters even commenting that they felt as if they were on a cruise due to the presence of an indoor pool and a wide range of activities available at all times.

Hu’s daughters inquired, “Mommy, will we be staying here forever?”

Tremendous gratitude has been expressed by even the elderly guests.

Kathleen Tuttle, 72, expressed her immense gratitude for discovering this sanctuary.

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