This week, DraftKings achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first in the US to launch its app. Through this app, players can conveniently access both the renowned online casino and sportsbook offered by the operator.

Starting from March 1st, online casinos have been granted permission to offer mobile apps in the Google Play Store for players residing in states where online gambling is permissible by law.

In the past, Android users were required to visit their preferred online casino site directly in order to download the mobile app. However, this recent advancement aims to provide players with more convenient access to gameplay.

The iGaming Industry is set to undergo a significant transformation with the advent of Mobile Gaming.

The iGaming industry has increasingly recognized the importance of this, given the rising proportion of mobile players observed every quarter.

The numbers speak for themselves!

Approximately 2.2 billion individuals were estimated to engage in mobile phone gaming in the year 2020.

Considering the fact that games comprise 43% of mobile phone applications and this percentage is consistently growing, it is evident that investing in mobile apps for iGaming is an obvious and logical decision.

Mobile apps are making it easier for more people to access the games they love!

This is closely associated with the demise of Adobe Flash and JavaScript, which were extensively utilized in numerous casino games.

In order to cater to a wider audience, American online casinos have put substantial effort into adapting their games to seamlessly function on various mobile devices. A significant majority of these games now utilize the widely popular HTML5 software, ensuring compatibility across both Android and iOS platforms.

With the accomplishment of this, and the ability for players to freely download mobile apps from the app store, it is anticipated that there will be a surge in the number of mobile players.

The end of 2026 is expected to witness the online gambling market surpassing a valuation of $160 billion, owing to this trend.

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What lies ahead for players in the mobile gaming industry?

As the count of mobile players keeps expanding, the industry is persistently discovering inventive and novel ideas to ensure their returning for further engagement.

Mobile UX is the most prominent trend in the industry, rapidly gaining popularity.

The aim of Mobile UX is to integrate elements such as interaction, content, and sound design within the game, providing the player with a completely immersive experience.

Online casino players are hailing it as the next stage of evolution for thrilling and immersive mobile experiences.

Even though it is still in its early stages, it is exhilarating to envision the potential possibilities that lie ahead.

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