Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont has solidified an agreement with the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe, enabling the introduction of sports betting and online casinos within the state.

Connecticut seems prepared to advance legislation in the General Assembly, following the prior compact made with the Mohegan Tribe, as evidenced by this subsequent compact.

Under this new agreement, the tax rate for online casinos will be reduced from 20% to 18%.

The Tribal Chairman of Mashantucket Pequot, Rodney Butler, expressed his pride in the significant agreement reached with the State of Connecticut. He described it as a momentous occasion for their Tribal Nation, emphasizing its role in enhancing the state’s economic development and growth. Moreover, Butler highlighted the agreement’s crucial aspect of establishing a strong economic foundation for the future well-being of their tribal community.

Governor Lamont stated that Connecticut is on the verge of offering a cutting-edge and technologically advanced gaming experience that will be on par with neighboring states. He expressed gratitude towards the state’s tribal partners for their thoughtful and constructive collaboration with his administration over the past few months. According to him, the agreement reached is in the best interest of Connecticut residents and tribal members. Governor Lamont assured that he will strive to get the agreement ratified and emphasized the importance of a collaborative effort, including cooperation with elected officials in the General Assembly.

The process of legislation initiation has commenced.

The state’s legislature is diligently progressing with Governor Lamont’s plan, as committees have already approved bills to proceed to the floors of both the Senate and House of Representatives.

The bill made progress through a bipartisan vote of 20-2, while three members were absent.

House Speaker Matt Ritter (D-Hartford) stated that he would schedule a vote on the governor’s bill as soon as any remaining details are resolved.

In anticipation of the upcoming NFL season this fall, Gov Lamont expressed his desire to introduce sports betting.

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What does the future hold for CT players?

The legislation is almost certain to pass swiftly, given the collaboration of both parties.

Then there will be a need for the state to swiftly establish a regulatory agency that will oversee the implementation process in order to meet the designated timeline.

As we transition into a post-Covid era, Governor Lamont’s agenda includes passing this legislation to aid in the economic recovery of Connecticut.

The funds generated by the bill will be allocated to finance community college education throughout the entire state.

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