Online gambling in the US had a prosperous October, as the state of Delaware experienced a remarkable 44.5% surge in total industry revenue compared to the previous year. Additionally, the amount of bets placed by players witnessed an impressive growth of 43.4%.

The total revenue for this month amounts to $930,093, marking an increase from October 2020’s revenue of $643,714. Furthermore, October was a more profitable month than September of this year, which had a total income of $794,644.

In the month of October, video lottery emerged as the most favored game, generating a total revenue of $711,955. Following closely were table games, contributing $184,454, and an additional $40,645 came from poker. In comparison to the previous year, players in Delaware have spent an additional $7.7m in October of this year.

Once again, Delaware Park claimed the top spot in the market, closely followed by Dover Downs. However, Harrington Raceway slipped from its previous position at the top after a stronger performance in September.

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