The same measures that were urged for New Jersey to prohibit smoking in land-based casinos are now being advocated by the Protecting Workers from Secondhand Smoke Act of 2008 in Pennsylvania.

  • Casinos in New Jersey and Pennsylvania may soon be prohibited from allowing indoor smoking.
  • The current allowance of indoor smoking in casinos

In the latter part of the previous year, a request was made to land-based casinos in New Jersey to prohibit indoor smoking in order to safeguard the well-being of casino employees from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke. Nonetheless, the casinos situated in Atlantic City expressed opposition to this measure, fearing that it would lead players to migrate to Pennsylvania, where smoking indoors at casinos is still permitted.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey casinos were exempt from the Clean Indoor Act of 2008, allowing them to maintain indoor smoking areas despite the act’s goal of safeguarding workers from the dangers of secondhand smoke in different establishments.

Fifteen years subsequent to that time, Dan Frankel, the Democratic representative for Allegheny County, is set to present the Protecting Workers from Secondhand Smoke Act, encompassing casinos.

CEASE (Casino Employees Against Smoking Effects) in New Jersey urges Governor Phil Murphy to implement a ban on smoking at land-based casinos. This plea arises from the concern that the detrimental effects of secondhand smoke pose a significant health risk to casino employees, who currently face the difficult decision of prioritizing their income over their wellbeing.

The Clean Indoor Air Act does not apply to land-based casinos.

Despite the Clean Indoor Air Act, both states’ casinos have successfully found ways to bypass the regulations and maintain designated smoking areas.

Frankel’s new bill aims to eliminate loopholes and protect workers by preventing other indoor premises such as home daycare centers, private clubs, bars that don’t serve food, VFW Bars, and Hotels from offering indoor smoking areas.

Later this year, Frankel plans to present a new bill that seeks to prohibit indoor smoking, encompassing vaping and the utilization of e-cigarettes as well.

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