DraftKings, the leading American daily fantasy sports contest and sports betting company, has become the pioneer in the country by adopting the Positive Play Scale.

DraftKings and Gamres, a responsible gaming consulting firm based in Ontario, have joined forces to introduce a new collaboration. They will be providing DraftKings customers with the Positive Play Scale tool as part of their responsible gaming program. This will be done through an online survey.

What does Positive Play Scale refer to?

This RG tool aims to promote and foster positive gaming behavior among all players. A survey is conducted to assess various aspects including personal responsibility, gaming literacy, honesty and control, and pre-commitment. The responses collected aim to evaluate the players’ understanding and adherence to responsible gaming principles.

What is the mechanism behind its functioning?

A sample of US-based players on DraftKings will be selected to participate in the survey.

The results of the analysis will be used to establish a starting point for measuring Positive Play at DraftKings. Additionally, the findings will highlight any variations among different groups of players and guide DraftKings in improving its Responsible Gaming practices.

According to Dr. Richard Woods, a Gamres specialist, it has been observed that while most players engage in gaming for fun and entertainment, there exists a group of players who hold certain misconceptions about gaming. These misconceptions can negatively impact their enjoyment and, in certain instances, result in excessive spending beyond their initial intentions.

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