Fresh demands have emerged in Vermont for the legalization of sports betting, encompassing both mobile and online platforms.

The proposal put forth by the 2022 Sports Betting Committee recommends granting two to six sports betting licenses in the state. Additionally, they propose adopting a regulatory framework similar to that of New Hampshire or New York, both of which are known for their higher tax rates.

In addition, the committee recommended transferring regulatory authority to the Vermont Department of Liquor and Lottery. It proposed implementing a minimum betting age, minimum revenue share, clear definitions for different types of wagers, and the creation of a fund dedicated to promoting financial literacy education.

Calls for the legalization of sports betting in Vermont have been made before. In January 2021, a bill to legalize mobile sports betting did not receive sufficient support, and a similar bill faced a similar fate in February 2021.

Is it possible that the recent effort will lead to the legalization of sports betting in Vermont? The likelihood increases as supporters can now use additional economic data from other states to support their cause. Furthermore, if sports betting becomes legal in Vermont, it is likely that casino gaming will soon follow suit.

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