The approval has been granted by California state authorities to commence construction on the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tejon, a brand-new casino project in Kern County. Situated around a 25-minute drive south of Bakersfield, this casino is estimated to cost $600 million.

The Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs (DIBIA) will acquire 320 acres of native American land in the county, placing it under federal trust. This move will enable California to establish a Class III gaming compact with the Tejon Indian Tribe, who has joined forces with Hard Rock.

A federal endorsement is needed for the Class III gaming compact, which will enable the construction of a complete Las Vegas-like casino resort. The proposed development includes 400 hotel rooms, slot machines, gaming tables, spaces for meetings and conventions, a pool, various dining options, a spa, a fitness center, and a live entertainment venue.

The project’s official website reports that the local area is anticipated to witness the creation of more than 5,000 new job opportunities. Furthermore, the published plan highlights various amenities such as a community center, health center, tribal administration building, community park, organic farm, water retention and reclamation facility, RV parking, and space for residential development. All of these facilities are conveniently situated next to the casino.

With a membership of only around 1,200 individuals, the Tejon Tribe has been striving for over ten years to procure land in Mettler, Kern County. There is an optimistic anticipation that the construction of the casino site will commence next summer, and its completion is projected to require a minimum of 20 months.

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