In a recent statement, Richard Schwartz, the CEO of Rush Street Interactive (RSI), discussed the company’s emphasis on expansion at a time when others prioritize profitability.

At present, online casino gaming is accessible in just six states, and Rush Street has a presence in four of them. Although more states are expected to join the trend, it is crucial to acknowledge that achieving success in this industry will require more than just expanding regulations, as Schwartz emphasized.

The process of making online casino products more readily available and standardized.

Schwartz emphasized that the online casino industry is heavily saturated with similar product offerings. Today, operators have their own versions of the same thing. He stressed that innovation and differentiation are key factors for achieving success. Schwartz stated,

We hold the responsibility to construct our own layer of innovation that surpasses the standardized content.

He added that in order to deliver unique features, we must further expand and create a differentiated user experience.

Comparison of third-party technologies versus in-house product development

Schwartz further expanded on his ideas, stating,

In the end, our objective is to set ourselves apart by offering not only distinctive features but also features that deeply connect with the gambling community. We aim to understand the psychology of players and utilize this knowledge to create something exclusive to our brand. Unlike many of our competitors who rely heavily on technology from external sources and mainly distribute third-party content, we prioritize developing our own content in-house.

What is Rush Street Interactive’s identity?

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Rush Street Interactive is dedicated to delivering real money and social casino gaming products. With a strong emphasis on player experience, the company has successfully built a loyal and substantial customer base over the years.

Rush Street Interactive specializes in offering both real money and social casino gaming products, with a strong emphasis on providing an exceptional player experience. Throughout the years, the company has built a significant and loyal following, earning their trust and support.

Rush Street Interactive operates in four US markets that are regulated: Michigan, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. However, players in unregulated jurisdictions can still enjoy social casino gaming through RSI’s riverscasino4fun or sugarhousecasino4fun.

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