PlayPause, a software designed to ensure responsible gaming practices, will soon be implemented by BetMGM, enabling the maintenance of such standards across different states.

One of the limited number of online casinos accessible in multiple states is BetMGM. They prioritize their customers’ well-being by offering responsible gambling software that operates seamlessly across state borders.

BetMGM operates in multiple states.

BetMGM stands out from most casinos by operating in multiple states, including New Jersey, West Virginia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Recently, BetMGM made an exciting announcement regarding their customers’ ability to utilize a single account and app in any of the listed states. This groundbreaking move establishes BetMGM as the pioneer online casino in enabling such seamless consistency across state borders.

BetMGM is introducing PlayPause, their responsible gaming software, which can be used in multiple states.

Can you explain what PlayPause is?

PlayPause is a software that enables gamblers to seamlessly link their BetMGM accounts. Users have the freedom to customize their preferred settings, such as specifying a bankroll limit, which will remain in effect regardless of their location while accessing their BetMGM account.

GeoComply, a software development company, specializes in creating geolocation software. Their primary focus is on developing technology that verifies a player’s location within state boundaries while they engage in gambling activities at an authorized state casino.

“PlayPause serves not only as a crucial compliance tool but also as a means to foster collaboration between the industry and regulators, strengthening their mutual dedication to responsible gaming and safeguarding consumers,” stated Anna Sainsbury, GeoComply’s chairman.

PlayPause was a natural fit for GVC Holdings, the company responsible for BetMGM, as they recently invested $5 million in responsible gaming initiatives.

According to Shay Segev, the CEO of GVC, the company is extremely pleased to become the inaugural partner of PlayPause. They firmly believe that the operator who exercises the highest level of responsibility will also achieve the greatest success. GVC is committed to providing its customers with the utmost safety and enjoyment, and PlayPause’s groundbreaking approach to responsible gaming across multiple states in the US perfectly aligns with this goal.

What does Responsible Gambling mean?

Responsible gambling involves considering gambling as a source of amusement that can be enjoyed in moderation. It is acknowledged that certain individuals may become overly involved in gambling, and responsible gambling efforts aim to prevent this from happening.

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