The online gambling industry in New Jersey continues to achieve unprecedented milestones, surpassing previous records even after the pandemic significantly propelled its growth.

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  • July Internet Casino Revenue
  • Over 30% of the revenue is accounted for by internet casinos.

As of July 2023, New Jersey’s online casinos have already surpassed the $1 billion milestone for the year, indicating a growth of more than 14% compared to the corresponding period in 2022.

In an astonishing surge, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement unveiled the revenue statistics for July 2023. Internet casinos in the state raked in a remarkable $155 million, exhibiting an extraordinary growth of 13.5% in comparison to July 2022.

July’s revenue is 4% higher than June’s, marking the seventh month in a row where internet casinos in the state have collected over $140 million.

Over 30% of the state’s revenue is generated by internet casinos.

Internet casinos make up 36.8% of the gambling revenue in New Jersey, not including the revenue generated from online sports betting.

2023 has witnessed an unprecedented surge in iGaming, surpassing the steady growth observed over the past decade since the advent of legal internet casinos in the state. Within the first six months alone, new records have been set multiple times, highlighting the remarkable numbers and expansion of this industry.

Pennsylvania, along with other states that have legalized iGaming, experienced a significant surge in revenue in 2023. In July 2023, PA internet casinos witnessed a remarkable 24% growth compared to the previous month. Similarly, smaller states like Connecticut saw a staggering 40.8% increase in revenue, with July 2023 generating $28.2 million compared to the $16.7 million generated in July 2022.

After the pandemic-induced lockdown regulations were lifted, it has become evident that internet casinos have become the preferred method of playing across the legal iGaming states in the US.