As of March 1st, 2021, Google has made an announcement that it is lifting the ban on gambling apps in 15 countries, including the United States, within the Play Store.

Previously, Android users playing online casinos were limited to downloading the operator’s mobile app through a specific link on their website. However, now they will have the option to directly download the operator’s mobile app on their Android device.

Among the listed countries, the United States is included along with Finland, Germany, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico.

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The application process will still be required for operators.

Google announced on its support page that it is revising its Real-Money Gambling, Games, and Contests policy. The aim is to allow developers from all over the globe to establish viable businesses while ensuring consumer safety.

Although the ban has been lifted and will be implemented on March 1st, operators will still be required to meet a comprehensive list of conditions in order to obtain approval from Google.

Not only in America, but also globally, numerous new regulations are being implemented with the aim of enhancing the Responsible Gambling sector within iGaming.

Eligible Apps Must Meet Specific Requirements

To be featured in the Google Play Store, a gambling app must comply with Google’s Developer Program Policy for Real-Money Gambling, Games, and Contests.

  1. Successfully complete the application process.
  2. Ensure compliance with all laws and industry standards of the country in which the app is being made available.
  3. The app can only be offered in a country/state where the operator possesses a valid gambling license.
  4. Access to the app is strictly prohibited for underage players.
  5. Access is restricted to users who are located within the country/state where the app is being offered.
  6. Charging users for downloading the app from the Google Play Store is not allowed for operators.
  7. The app should have an Adult Only (AO) rating or equivalent as per IARC guidelines.
  8. The player should be able to easily see and access information regarding Responsible Gambling.

Google Support states that any apps that do not meet the specified eligibility requirements for gambling apps are not permitted to offer content or services that enable or facilitate users to engage in real-money wagering, staking, or participation. This includes prizes with actual monetary value, even if they are obtained through in-app purchases.

Coming Soon: Download U.S. Casino Mobile Apps from the Play Store

Although numerous mobile casino apps are available for download on Android devices, the procedure to do so is unnecessarily lengthy and complex.

Prior to the ban being lifted, users were required to initiate the download process by searching for a link on the casino’s website.

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