Ahead of this year’s market launch, Connecticut has introduced a statewide self-exclusion portal.

Connecticut is demonstrating its commitment to the legalization of online gaming by taking proactive measures. Recently, the state’s Department of Consumer Protection introduced a self-exclusion portal, enabling residents to voluntarily opt-in and exclude themselves from participating in gaming activities.

Before the market goes live later this year, the state is proudly promoting this as their most significant undertaking to enforce robust responsible gambling measures.

In a statement, Michelle H. Seagull, DCP Commissioner, acknowledged the enthusiasm surrounding the expansion of the gaming industry in Connecticut. She emphasized that while it can be an enjoyable form of entertainment for many, it can also lead to harmful addiction for some individuals. Commissioner Seagull highlighted the importance of having the option to voluntarily exclude oneself from these activities as one of the available tools to provide assistance.

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont expressed that the state is entering a fresh era in the realm of sports betting and gambling. He emphasized that along with these new initiatives, there is an increased obligation for the government to uphold its responsibilities. Governor Lamont assured that rigorous measures have been implemented to ensure the effectiveness of the self-exclusion policy, granting individuals the necessary means to take responsibility for their actions.

The self-exclusion portal launch is a component of a larger endeavor aimed at educating CT players about the indications of problem gambling and furnishing them with assistance resources.

The Importance of Responsible Gaming

At ACG, we place great importance on responsible gaming. We recognize that it not only affects the individual struggling, but also has an impact on their loved ones.

A portion of the state revenue generated by online casinos is always allocated towards these programs, and this is the reason why.

Fortunately, numerous online casinos now provide resources to support individuals struggling with gambling addiction. BetMGM, for instance, implements PlayPause across all their American casinos. This feature empowers players to establish specific limits on their bankroll while utilizing their BetMGM account.

If you or someone you know may be experiencing problem gaming, we urge you to seek help.

As online casinos go live, what can CT players anticipate?

Connecticut, brace yourself – they’re coming, ready or not!

Several of the leading online casinos in the nation have already submitted their license applications in the state, which include:

  • FanDuel
  • DraftKings
  • SugarHouse

This is just the start for a market located in close proximity to NYC. Be sure to keep checking back regularly for further updates on Connecticut’s forthcoming online casino industry.

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