Compared to the previous month, online casinos and sports betting sites experienced a drop in revenue of 9.6% in April 2023.

This article discusses

  • Compared to the previous month, there has been a decline in revenue.
  • Comparison of Michigan’s online casino revenue with that of 2022.

The decline in revenue for April 2023 is not surprising, given that other states in America, such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania, have also experienced a decrease compared to March.

In April 2023, the combined revenue of sportsbooks and online casinos in Michigan amounted to $195.7 million. Out of this total, online casinos contributed $159.4 million, while online sports betting generated $36.3 million. Comparatively, in March 2023, online casinos generated $171.8 million in revenue, while bookies brought in a total of $44.6 million, resulting in a grand total of $216.4 million.

Comparing April 2023 to April 2022

Although there may be a decrease in the figures compared to last month, the year-on-year totals present a positive narrative.

Compared to the previous year, Michigan’s online casinos have experienced a significant surge. In April 2022, their revenue soared by 20.2%, reaching an impressive total of $132.4 million.

By examining the year-to-date sum, it becomes apparent that there has been a notable rise in online casino gaming. The table provided below showcases a comparison between the initial four months of 2022 and 2023.

Month2022 Revenue2023 Revenue

In March 2023, Michigan’s online casinos surpassed $160 million in revenue for the first time, setting a new record similarly seen in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. As of now, the revenue generated in April 2023 ranks as the second-highest total, showcasing an impressive accomplishment for the state’s online casinos.

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