Sports betting activity has been legalized in two-thirds of the states. Furthermore, although online poker and casino may not follow the same trajectory, a number of states are seeking to venture into this market in 2023.

  • The expansion of sports betting differs from that of online poker and casino gaming.
  • Online casino and poker legalization is being sought after by five states.

Approximately 35 states in the United States have legalized sports betting, while online casinos are permitted in only six states, and online poker in seven.

What is the reason for the disparity?

Sports betting is generally more accepted by the public and less controversial for lawmakers compared to online poker and casino games. Stakeholders express concerns about the latter, fearing that introducing these products in their state will harm physical casinos. However, this was not an issue for sports betting since it was only available in land-based casinos in Nevada.

So, who is ready to take the plunge?

Indiana is considered one of the top contenders for legalizing online casino gambling this year.

Indiana had a favorable opportunity last year, although investigations hinted at potential illegal campaign contributions. As for this year, Senator John Ford has shifted his focus towards prioritizing online gambling.

Despite bills passing multiple times, talks have resurfaced regarding the potential introduction of online poker and casinos in the Empire State, where New York has consistently been a formidable contender but has never quite clinched the victory.

Iowa is often overlooked as a state by most people. However, when sports betting was introduced in the state, it turned out to be a lucrative market for mobile betting. Now, legal online casino gambling and poker are aiming to replicate that success.

Mississippi and Kentucky, the remaining two states, are currently in discussions to revive the initiative of legalizing online poker and casinos, despite having pending bills to pass.

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