A fascinating comparison emerges when looking at the three largest online casino states in America. While many would assume that New Jersey, being the first to legalize online casinos in 2013, holds the top spot, the revenue collected by states in 2023 paints a completely different picture.

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  • The legalization of online casinos in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan
  • The amount of revenue collected for each state in 2023.

Online casinos are prohibited in the United States, although individual states have the authority to determine their legality since there are no federal regulations in place. In 2013, New Jersey became the pioneer in legalizing online casinos for a duration of ten years. However, in 2023, a newly introduced legislation extended this period by only five years.

Pennsylvania made history in 2017 by becoming the second state to offer legal online casinos. Delaware followed suit in 2018, and shortly after, West Virginia joined the online gambling scene in early 2019. However, it wasn’t until the end of 2019 that Michigan finally entered the online casino market, bringing a plethora of online casinos to its residents.

Revenue collected in each state.

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Michigan stand as the top contenders among the largest online casinos in America. These states offer a diverse selection of online casinos, surpassing those that solely cater to tribal and online casino partnerships.

MonthNJ RevenuePA RevenueMI Revenue
May 2023$161,411,924$170,390,947$150,559,370
April 2023$158,936,991$167,267,761$159,360,429
March 2023$165,711,825$181,528,950$171,830,721
Feb 2023$142,592,966$162,310,430$148,168,863
Jan 2023$152,866,817$160,341,330$153,694,393

Looking at the revenue data provided in the table above, it is evident that Pennsylvania generates the highest revenue among the three top online casino states, despite not being the first to legalize iGaming. Michigan closely follows as the second highest revenue generator, showing a similar growth rate. New Jersey occupies the third position, but remains in close proximity to Michigan in terms of revenue generated.

According to the table, it is evident that all of the mentioned casinos achieved their peak performance in March 2023, setting a new record for each respective state.

It is evident that February 2023 was a slower month for all states, as it had the expected 28 days.

Despite being the most recent state to legalize online casinos, Michigan has consistently outperformed New Jersey in terms of revenue, with the exception of May 2023. While Pennsylvania casinos are leading the pack, the revenue numbers for Michigan and New Jersey are remarkably similar.

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