A New York judge has escalated an ongoing dispute by urging gambling regulators in New Jersey to thoroughly investigate the alleged use of unfair dice at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City, gaining the attention of federal authorities.

Wayne Chan, a player who incurred losses amounting to approximately $470,000, lodged a complaint based on official records against the Golden Nugget Hotel, Casino, and Marina during the years 2018 and 2019.

The New York judge has requested the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement to conduct an investigation into the issue, ensuring that the dice being used adhere to the state’s regulations.

A lawsuit has been filed against the Golden Nugget Casino alleging unfair manipulation of dice at their craps table.

Chan filed a lawsuit against a popular land-based casino in September 2021. Nevertheless, a Newark court ruled the claims to be false and favored Golden Nugget Casino. However, Chan’s legal representatives decided to challenge the decision and filed an appeal.

In April 2023, Chan’s lawyers brought the case before a New York court, and a federal judge granted the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement a six-month period to address the issue.

Golden Nugget Casino, Hotel, and Marina Atlantic City Face Allegations

In compliance with the gambling regulations in New Jersey, dice must adhere to specific guidelines. These guidelines state that the dice should only display dots representing numbers, the casino’s name, and a serial number. Additionally, the dice must demonstrate their transparency, ensuring that they are unaffected by any form of weights.

Chan alleges that the dice used at the Craps table in Golden Nugget Casino were in violation of the regulations, as they were not transparent and conspicuously marked with a table number.

Further information regarding the lawsuit

Chan noticed the dice seemed suspicious and promptly voiced his concerns to the Golden Nugget staff.

On January 13, 2020, a lawyer representing Golden Nugget sent a letter to Chan’s attorney regarding the issue at hand. The lawyer asserted that the gambling industry acknowledges the presence of “scribbling” on dice and emphasized that regulatory agencies are fully informed about this practice.

The Golden Nugget lawyer also mentioned in the letter the $200,000 that Chan possessed at the casino. Despite the ongoing collection attempts, Chan decided to take legal action against the casino on 24 September 2021.

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