The International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG) has received a $180,000 grant from BetMGM, a US-based online sports betting and gaming operator.

The funds will be utilized for research purposes, specifically focusing on investigating the influence of advertising on problem gambling. Additionally, the money will contribute to sustaining the center’s nationwide responsible gambling education program.

Arthur Paikowsky, the President of the ICRG, expressed his satisfaction in accepting the groundbreaking grant offered by BetMGM. He emphasized that the research study’s outcomes, derived from empirical evidence, will greatly enhance our ability to recognize potential risks and establish optimal standards in the gaming industry. Paikowsky commended BetMGM for their collaboration, which aims to provide valuable insights to the public, operators, regulators, legislators, and the media.

Richard Taylor, Senior Manager of Responsible Gaming at BetMGM, emphasized the importance of investing in research on responsible gaming. He stated that such investment is crucial for their ongoing education and dedication to delivering superior experiences and programs, as well as for guaranteeing a sustainable industry. Taylor further highlighted that this groundbreaking research will not only benefit BetMGM but will also serve as a valuable resource for the entire industry and its key stakeholders.

The National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG), established in Massachusetts in 1996, underwent a name change in January 2020, becoming the International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG). The organization’s primary objective is to support research endeavors aimed at enhancing comprehension of gambling disorder and discovering efficacious treatment methods.

Funding for the ICRG is derived from contributions made by commercial and Indian casino operators, gaming equipment manufacturers, vendors, board members of the ICRG, gaming employees, and various individuals.

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